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Melyssa, Los Angeles, CA

College Planning Advisors really helped me with the whole college process and especially with the application essays. They really helped me focus my essays in order to get into my number one school. I’m super excited about that, and I got basically a full ride scholarship!  I’m so thankful to them for that, and I’m just so happy!

Jasmine, Sherman Oaks, CA

College Planning Advisors helped me the most with building my school list, and deciding whether I should apply to certain universities based on how they’ve awarded similar students and whether they were reach, target, or safety schools. That was definitely the most helpful because I know people who got rejected from every school they applied to or didn’t get anything because they chose the wrong schools, and I’m really glad that didn’t happen to me.

Michael, CPA, Northridge, CA

The reason that I went to college planning advisors and what attracted me to them, was that they goes beyond what most advisors go.  They ask questions such as “How?” “What?” “Why, and why not?”  Then they start to plan with you - which most advisors don’t do. I know because I fired my last one after meeting with College Planning Advisors.  So if you do want a different edge, I think you would want to consider them.

Cory, La Crescenta, CA

The College Planning Advisors helped me tremendously.   I had no idea where was going to apply to college and they sat down with me and went through each college with me with my major, how much financial aid was likely, and a lot more.  It helped me so much and now I’m deciding between USC and UCLA, which were my top two choices! Also, College Planning Advisors helped me to get amazing and unbelievable financial packages!  College Planning Advisors helped me so much I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Amanda, Burbank, CA

College Planning Advisors took time to help me and even read my personal statement so when I clicked the ‘Send’ button, I was totally confident.

Anne, Los Angeles, CA

College Planning Advisors totally helped take the stress out of this whole process. We all know it can be really, really stressful. They were there to remind us of deadlines, and keep us on top of everything.  That really helped us out. It was wonderful. Their assistance was just great. I tell everybody I know about College Planning Advisors! I have a daughter now going to college and almost feel guilty for how little I’m paying!

Rachel, Los Angeles, CA

College Planning Advisors really helped with making sure that I stayed on top of all my profile requirements, my applications and met all of my deadlines.

Barbara, Los Angeles, CA

College Planning Advisors saved us a huge amount of time online, and did all the financial paperwork for us.  While other friends were struggling with deadlines for applications and essays, I didn’t have to worry at all—everything was handled by College Planning Advisors.  Its one of the best investments we’ve ever made.  My daughter and I were able to take our time looking at the colleges and see which ones were the best for us. So it’s been a really big help for us, financially too.

Mey, Sherman Oaks, CA

What really helped me was having College Planning Advisors complete all the forms accurately.  Also, I had a hard time in the past with my other two kids, this time we used College Planning Advisors and received more than $40,000 in grants and financial aid from several schools. You guys were a great help for my daughter with the essays and all the college applications.  I really appreciate College Planning Advisors, and I would recommend you to my friends and family to come along and join the group.

Shawn, Granada Hills, CA

I just want to thank College Planning Advisors for all the help that we received. You were very helpful with financial applications (that I knew nothing about).  This was our first child out of three, and we really didn’t know what we were doing.  The most helpful process for us was the great financial advice before filling out all the forms so we can qualify for more financial aid and scholarships.  We can’t thank you enough.  My daughter now knows where she wants to go to school and I don’t know if she could have done it in the time without your help.